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How to select a Research Topic?


Now days searching about current research topic in particular field on internet is very unauthentic and risky. People uploads page with heading “Current Research Topic” as the time pass, the page become older and older but with the same heading “Current Research Topic”. These types of practice misguide the students. This page is all about the current research topic in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. When I was doing reading over internet and when discussed with my friends, I came to conclusion that in India Students are interested in easy topic for research. I decide the easiness of any Current Research Topic by its availability over internet and by it vastness. Easy Research topics are studied by many students and therefore they are easily available over internet not only over internet you can find workshop, exhibitions and conference on these of research topics.

There are many great advantage of organizing workshop, exhibitions and conference on these topics. People and companies organize these workshop, exhibitions, conference etc not because these research topics are good, but because these research topic are good business. Students easily grasp what is taught and they can easily perform practicals related to such topics. Students feel satisfied after implementing them in real file but they are unaware of the fact that they were made fool them. Let us take an example to prove this, now days we can see that students are doing research on time on ‘Andriods’. According to me ‘Androids’ is the best iOs present in the market up to this date. If a person work on ‘How to develop Application on Android’, and invest a year or two in the development of android application, the fact is that after two years that Andriod get replace with someother better iOs. Few years back we used to have Symbians OS as the best mobile operating system, and people who studied and invested their precious time in the development of Symbian Application are in agony now. Therefore one should take extra case while choosing a Current research topic in Computer Science and Technology.

If you want to invest time in any topic than think about its future and possible development. Also one should think about the Life Time of that Topic, it should not expire when you complete the research and start implementing it. Coming back on the Topic of ‘Androids’, one can study about how to develop Operating system like Androids or may be better than Androids. Your research topic can be ‘How to develop Mobile Operating System’. Not let us talk about the vastness of the Topic selected. Topic ‘How to develop Android Application’ is very limited; it is limited only to Android. You will only work on Android, you will learn each and every thing about Android and but nothing about other mobile system.

Students are very bright and have lot of potentials but due to the lack of guidance and available resources they don’t reach up to the heights where they actually should be.

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