Status of Placements in India

Placements in India

The Year 2014 when many of you reading this article will graduate, you will be in the august company of 1.2 million fellow engineering graduates. The first question (or at least one of the first) to strike most students, with so many engineers from every nook and corner of the country, what are my chances of landing that precious job? Placements in India is indeed one thing most of us strive for after all, why we are studying in the first place? IIT Delhi recorded an average of 5.2 lakhs last year, and placement was 100%,and it has been same in recent times. Amongst other popular technical institutes DTU(formerly DCE) had an impressive 6 lakh p.a average placement.80% of
BITS Hyderabad students were placed last year with an average annual salary of 7 lakhs. In IIIT Hyderabad the placement statistics are as follows:93% placed in 2012 with an average annual package of 9.5 lakhs per annum.
It is hardly news that some engineering streams command bigger pay packages in industry compared to the rest. In IIT madras the placement statistic last year was 69.4% with an average of 8.98 lpa but the department of computer science and engineering soared with an average paycheck of 24.67 lpa. Similarly at NIT Trichy C.S.E, M.E, E.C.E, E.E.E all these departments had more than 95% of their students placed.
These statistics haven’t seen any earth shaking movement in the past few years that is to say the placement condition in India thought did see a dip courtesy the recession has been fairly constant. These statistics though do not paint the whole picture as they do not comprise the majority of the nation’s colleges.
In some 2nd,3rd tier colleges placement statistics are miserable and students invariably enroll for postgraduate programs or simply change their stream, that is quit engineering altogether. Institutes keep churning out greater number of graduates each year. Growth has been stagnant and the state of students from the 2nd,3rd and 4th tier engineering colleges does paint a grim picture in front our eyes. Students from some parts are very desperate and join in at arguably meager salaries
The widespread construction work taken up by our government and hefty investment in many sectors though is a promising sign for all concerned. Today’s engineering graduate has to be patient not lose hope and be ready to perspire initially at a less than expected evaluation of his talents but once you get on a roll your work will do the talking for you, because no matter what engineers still form the backbone of any nations development, and a fast developing country like ours will continue to need skilled and dedicated labor to stay in touch with the rest of the world. The hectic course curriculum that students that from our education system go through, the mad race of entrance exams at end of high school and then the stresses of engineering coupled with the current placement scenario can have a significant psychological impact on the youth but before making any rash decisions out of sheer desperation, one should always spend quality time on one’s options ahead and continue to trust in his value to thennation and the role he has to play in taking humanity forward.
The reason for poor placement scenario in India is also the lack of quality infrastructure, the location of the college does matter as well, an institute well connected by rail, road and air will more likely fetch more job hunters than one lacking the aforementioned. Quality engineers never go unemployed for long. The number of jobs will increase as the growth picks up and demand for skilled engineers will go up.

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