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Summer Internship Opurtunities In Germany

    • CEA Global Education

    • CEA: Study Abroad in Berlin, Germany

      Choose the academic program that best suits your college degree and general elective needs. Choose from two different educational settings. CEA Global Education has strategically partnered with two German universities in Berlin based on their academic reputation, their dedicated mission to higher education and their ability to showcase Berlin culture in relation to the European Union. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin boasts 29 Nobel Prize winners and has a special emphasis on the humanities. The Berlin More...
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    • Experiment in International Living

    • Germany and Czech Republic: History and Community Service

      Homesta y in the West Travel through rural villages and rolling hills on the way to a historic community in western Germany. You quickly become accustomed to daily life as a member of your German host family. Sample activities: Spend the day exploring historic Munich; go to school with your German host siblings; sample traditional Bavarian weisswurst and other delicacies. Sample host communities: Lübbecke, Niederalteich Community Service in the East Journey east to the densely forested region of More...
    • College of Charleston

    • Center for International Education: Germany

      Internship program.
    • NRCSA - National Registration Center for Study Abroad

    • Study in Germany

      There are four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking which need to be studied and developed from the start of the program. The emphasis on these four areas helps to enable the student to use their knowledge of the language in day-to-day communication. An immersion approach to the language is used for all levels - this means that from day one only the language is spoken in the classroom. This approach helps the student to become comfortable with the language quickly.
    • University of Rochester

    • University of Rochester: Germany

      One-month intensive German language and culture program. Fee includes tuition, family stay and cultural activities.
    • FirstStep WORLD, LLC

    • FirstStep WORLD: Germany: Summer

      FirstStep offers world-class language programs in Europe, Central & South America. Cultural activities, student housing or homestays, volunteering and sports.
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    • University at Buffalo

    • University at Buffalo: Germany

      In this program students will learn what it means to be a European Muslim and how Muslims bridge the gap between the Western and Islamic world.
    • Tulane University Law School

    • Tulane University Law School: Tulane/Humboldt International Summer School on Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration

      Intercultural Negotiation and Mediation (three credits) This course involves a combination of workshops, role-play exercises, lectures and other presentations. Most of the course is conducted in a workshop setting with role-play exercises done in small groups of students and two or three faculty members. The first week focuses on negotiation and the second week on mediation. These sessions will provide the standard training in both the theory and basic skills of negotiation and mediation. One major More...
    • Touro Law Center

    • Touro Law Center Summer Program: Germany

      Berlin/Potsdam: Humanity & Law runs in cooperation with The University of Potsdam Law School. Students will have the opportunity to explore issues in the areas of mediation as a conflict resolution process, international human right law and comparative law.
    • New York University

    • NYU Summer Study Abroad Berlin, Germany

      Summer in Berlin focuses on literature, cinema, history, and politics as well as on elementary to advanced German language courses. Berlin: Capital of Modernity taught in English, meets four days a week. Group site visits occur throughout the week and on weekends, but students have ample opportunity to explore Berlin and develop their own projects.
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    • University of Colorado

    • University of Colorado at Denver: Germany

      This research course provides students with an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of Germany's society, economy, political system, and recent history.
    • University of Toronto

    • Summer Program in Berlin, Germany

      The University of Toronto offers 4 to 6 week summer courses in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland), China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Southeast Europe (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia) and UAE. Courses are for degree credit and students from other North American universities are welcome to participate.
    • Goethe-Instituts in Germany

    • German language courses: Summer

      Learn German – effectively and successfully. At 13 attractive locations in Germany. Experience Germany's culture and enjoy some of the endless leisure time possibilities. Courses offered all year round, for everyone from beginners to advanced learners. Premium courses for small groups. Special courses for professionals. Courses for teens and children. Accomodation available.
    • The Academy of Cultural Diplomacy

    • The Academy of Cultural Diplomacy Summer School

      The Academy of Cultural Diplomacy's courses are a mix of academic seminars, interactive workshops and goal oriented field trips. The curriculum incorporates elements of the rich and vibrant cultural scenes for which the city is famous, as well as giving participants the opportunity to meet and speak with a variety of distinguished individuals interested in promoting cultural understanding in this city of diverse cultural backgrounds.
    • University of Miami School of Law

    • Summer Abroad Programs / Middle Europe - Germany

      The University of Miami School of Law is proud to offer a unique travel/study program that begins in Berlin, Germany and ends in Venice, Italy. Classes will be held in the hotels where the students overnight. The opportunity to study Comparative Antitrust Law for 3 credits taught by a distinguished UM Law professor while visiting wonderful, historical central European venues and traveling throughout the region by coach makes for a very memorable learning experience. [See related entries for Czech More...
    • Western Michigan University

    • German Business and Culture

      The world is a big place, and we are going to try and become familiar with just one part of it. But that part is Europe's biggest Economy and a place that has seen a great deal of history (some good and some bad). We are going to try and plug-into German life as much as possible. So for instance, we will be staying at smaller hotels within the cities (versus chain hotels), we will be using the train system to travel (not a tour bus) and we will get to spend time with our counterparts at Uni Paderborn More...
    • Suffolk County Community College

    • Summer Study Abroad in Berlin and Krakow

      Take two classes during your stay in Berlin and Krakow. The first will cover Berlin's history; the second covers the Holocaust. Learn about Berlin's emergence as a world-class city; life during the First and Second World Wars; the divided city during the Cold War; and contemporary issues in Berlin and Germany. We will also visit the concentration camps at Sachsenhausen and Auschwitz.

    • Trinity CertTESOL

      Trinity CertTESOL Our course is validated by Trinity College London and as such offers a TEFL program which is recognised around the world as a credible course of initial teaching training. Every course is independently moderated by Trinity representatives so that the highest standards are achieved every time. Theory and classroom management Inputs are coupled with teaching practice with real learners to enable the learners to develop as a competent TEFL teacher in a shout space of time.
    • NYU, Gallatin

    • Berlin: Capital of Modernity

      Our period of study begins just before the outbreak of World War I and ends during the astonishing building boom of the post-Wall 1990s and early 2000s. Classes, taught in English, meet four days a week. Group site visits occur throughout the week and on weekends, but students will be given ample opportunity to explore Berlin and develop their own individual projects. Survival German language courses will be offered daily. Students will live in apartments conveniently located near our classroom More...

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