SchoolAid: Complete School Mangement

Cloud School Management System helps you to maintain your school records at your fingers tips. Purpose behind developing this School Management System was to reduce school workload of maintaining their physical files and records. With Cloud School Management System you can manage new admission, students, teachers and pay roll and much more. You can generate all types of certificates such as transfer certificate, character certificate for student, experience certificate for teachers. This School Management System especially focus on automatic generation of mark sheet and fee management. CSMS need only the marks scored by student and it generate the whole mark sheet by itself.
Fee Management help in reducing the stress and book keeping work of school. You can add as many fee heads you want such as Tuition fees, Admission Fees, Computer Fee, depending on the requirement of the school. On one click generation of defaulters lists. Defaulters list can be generated in many, month wise, class wise.

Cloud School Management System, provide you best value of your money. The most common reason to switch to CSMS is that it provides you the full data security. We store all your data in our secure cloud, thus making you system independent. You can access your data from anywhere you want. Another big reason to switch onto CSMS is this system was developed specially for Indian schools, thus it is highly customizable you can customize according to your specific need. We provide 24 X 7 customer support. Cloud School management System, don't need any installation in your system, it is an application installed on cloud. Simple registration will be enough in order to use this system. Using Cloud School Management System is as simple as using Facebook or Google.

Cloud School Management System have all the important feature required in an efficient ERP system.

  • Data is Stored in Google Cloud.
  • Full Data Security.
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • No Bulky Desktop installation required.
  • Highly Customizable.
  • Cost Effective.
  • 24 X 7 Customer Service.

Security is one of the most important factor which contribute in making Cloud School Management System best in it class. All your data is stored in cloud purchased from worldwide trusted companies like, (Used by Go Daddy Also). You don't need to be worry about the security of your data, even if you system collapse your data will be preserved safely in our cloud.

For using Cloud School Management System, one does not need any training. Anyone who knows how to use internet can use the software easily and efficiently. Standard designing technique are used in order to give CSMS a very easy to use to user interface.

Cloud School Management system, is always trying to remain at the top. We learn from past and make our future strong. After success of CSMS 1.0, we had launched CSMS 2.0 to rule the ERP world. CSMS 2.0 is running successfully over the world. We keep on adding new technology as soon as we encounter it.

  • CSMS Offile : You can make changes offile, it is will updated in the cloud as soon you connect to internet.
  • Mobile App: Access your data from anywhere you want.
  • Online Result Display for schools using CSMS.
  • Online Fees Payment Option for Stundets.
  • Video Lectures of Classes

SchoolAid was developed with whole love in the world by team